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I'm Richard. I love science fiction, Game of Thrones, basset hounds, PG Wodehouse, Twitter, and political philosophy. I write stories in immersive worlds exploring big ideas.


I read (and answer) all of my readers' email. It's true. Test me.

My published works

The Adventures of Seamus Tripp is a series of eight comedic adventures I've written with Jon Garett. They are set in a Victorian world of monsters, treasure, magic, and mystery.


You can find the whole series at


We published Seamus Tripp & the Golden Plates as part of The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts

Shoulders of Giants

A satirical cyberpunk reimagining of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. No one really asked for that, but Jon Garett and I wrote it anyway. Published in Perchance to Dream.

Processing Power

A detective in dystopian Minneapolis investigates the disappearance of the scion of an influential family. Published in Imagining Liberty.

The Market & the Garden

A journalist discovers an anarchic settlement outside the limits of the dystopian Minneapolis Urban Zone. Published in Anarchy Rising.

Source Code

A political prisoner cracks his robot guard's AI. Published in Bards & Sages Quarterly.

The Ballad of Mama Leche

A flash parable exploring the economics of prohibition and the black market. Published in Valiant, He Endured.

Paradoxes of Water Filtration

How can a small business owner on a libertarian seastead compete with established rivals? Jon Garett and I explain. Published in Valiant, He Endured.


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